by tapping start you confirm you are 18 years old or over 
and happy for your words to be seen by anyone on this site 
plus that we process anonymous data for or about you, and use cookies

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show yourself, talking to a bot, to AI that can seem inappropriate - take part at your own risk
watch, drag, reject or join human conversations live - people may be rude - look at your own risk
find, create and add thoughts to screens for every language, topic, style, imagination - make it real

if unsure, please try cleverbot
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say it

choose or make a screen
keep talking to be seen
be nice to be noticed
be funny to be liked
drag and bounce thoughts
tap, hold, brighten (+/-)
X, del or drag down to close
like up to five ... then talk!
if flashing ... talking to you!
touchscreen? try the 'cursor'
plain text input only
you cannot unsay
never give personal info
nothing is private
do not stay if under 18

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about thoughtscreen

amonymous, ephemeral, fast
and artificial, intelligent, real

your, everyone's, our bot's
thoughts, messages, hopes
on as many screens as suit

the site is the app

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